Hassle Free Bedtime in Paperback and Kindle Editions

Why this book? Because this three-step process works on babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school-age children, teens, and adults! You and your child will sleep!

Why is sleep is so important for both of you? It is a biological fact that we and our children are better when we have the sleep we need. We cannot “catch up” on our sleep. What is lost is lost. The brain resets itself (just like when you power off your computer), we function better after a good nights sleep. We are prone to accidents when we are sleep deprived. According to the CDC in Atlanta, one of the top reasons children die is due to accidents. Don’t lose another minute of your or your baby’s/child’s sleep.


I developed this simple quarterly (90 days) journal to write my way back home, to my heart. Taking out my emotional trash each day, letting go of the “unholy trinity,” anger, fear, and resentment keeps me present and at the moment. Being present allows me to be my best for myself and for the people I love!

Join me in this grand adventure of life and learn to live, one day at a time! Happiness is your destiny!”

Buyer's Remorse No More

Do you ever regret buying something you thought was going to be great? Have you bought a car or another item and realized later it did not live up to your expectations? If so, this book if for you.

There are several reasons that we experience buyers’ remorse. In this book, we will explore how to approach purchases, how the game of sales works against us, and what is really underneath buyers’ remorse.

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Peace and Calming: It’s easier than ever to “keep calm and carry on!” Long lines at the grocery store and a car full of screaming children don’t stand a chance against a simple swipe of Peace & Calming® Roll-On. Prediluted with fractionated coconut oil and simple to apply with an included roller ball, this formulation is ready to go whenever and wherever you are.

Stress Away: Roll-On provides a comforting aroma to create a relaxing moment in everyday life. Whether you’re applying it as a personal fragrance or creating a relaxing massage experience, you’ll love incorporating this ready-to-roll blend in your life. The distinct mix of Vanilla and Lime enhances Stress Away’s unique and pleasant scent. Its sweet smell and relaxing aroma make it one of Young Living’s most popular products. Stress Away Roll-On also includes Lavender essential oil, as well as Cedarwood and Copaiba. These ingredients are expertly blended with the exotic scent of Ocotea, a unique Ecuador-sourced essential oil.

Tranquil™ Roll-On is perfect for inviting relaxation into your life. The elegant roll-on combines the familiar, comforting aroma of Cedarwood, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile into a blend that is easy to use and even easier to enjoy.