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Individual Life Coaching

 I provide Transformational Life Coaching. The people I work with have a question or questions about their life journey and are seeking answers. I use a structured set of questions that we work through together to explore what your inner guidance system is seeking to find and bring to your attention. Our inner life often has not been nurtured and our natural inner guidance system is waiting to be heard. I value being a part of the beginning of your journey. This process is valuable in all areas of our lives, relationships, life’s purpose, work, spiritual and physical being.

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Parent Coaching

In these coaching sessions, we will explore how your parenting style is working and where you seek support to feel successful in parenting. Parents learn how to apply this new information in a loving, nurturing method to support them in creating a lifelong story to support their relationships throughout thier child’s life. Usually, parents call during transitional stages. All children experience transitional phases which can be challenging for them and for parents. Parents usually reach out during the toddler (2-year-olds), the beginning of school (Kindergarten), adolescence (junior high), and Emerging adulthood (High School to College) on a variety of topics. I also hear from grandparents seeking to update their care giving skills during a new era of family dynamics.

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Emerging Adult Coaching

 I apply Transformational Coaching to create independence and interdependence. We seek during age 18-25 to be on our own and to have our parents recognize us as competent adults but we don’t always know how to create this new relationship with our parents. Transformational coaching will support learning new ways of responding to our parents that acknowledges their role in our past while developing adult boundaries and encourages change in their new role into your present and future. Relationships in their very nature are transforming across the Human Development Timeline!

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