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Family life education

Relationships can be challenging at times. Are you looking for solutions to learn how to LIFT your relationships to the next level? Congratulations! You came to the right place! Happiness is your Destiny!

In the Family Life Education courses, you will learn and apply practical solutions to the most common stressful experiences of parenting. Parenting is more comfortable when the guesswork is removed. When you complete the courses, you will have parenting tools that adapt across the ages and stages of your child. Global Access to all Families! 
  • Parents complete these courses by learning and applying in real-time. The weekly live classroom experience provides parents a real-time application with their infant, child, or teen. Classes are fun and developed by ages and stages appropriate for the children. The benefits are a happier and secure family!

  • You can invite your friends to take the class at the same time (separate enrollment) and form an outside parent group or take the course alone and share it with the co-parent.

  • These courses build upon each other from infancy to emerging adults to intensify the bonding and attachment that last across your life span. The intensification is through connection and engagement.

Zero to three courses

Infant Massage

Science Based Infant Massage

How well does your newborn sleep at night? Are you sleeping at night? Sleep is critical to well being of everyone in the family. Sleep resets our brain like we reboot a computer.  And really, who doesn’t sleep better after a massage? 

Baby Whispering

Emotional Intelligence - Learn the Baby Code

In this course Parents and/or caregivers of infants and toddlers learn through neural mirroring (Attunement) how to Connect and Engage with their infant/toddler. These skills support the initial bonding and when practiced over time support a healthy attachment that lasts a lifetime.

Baby Sign Language

Deepening the Connection

Research shows Sign Language speeds up speech development, reduces frustration in infants, so they can express themselves before they learn how to talk, increases Parent/Child Bonding and babies communicate vital information, such as if they are hungry or need their diaper changed.