Hassle Free Bedtime in Paperback and Kindle Editions

If not for you, the parents you know who are expecting a baby or adopting a baby will adore you when you share this book and combine it with an Infant Massage class to give to them at their baby shower!

In this book, Dr. Keller takes you through a 3 step process to provide you a quiet night with any child (adults who read the book say they too slept well). Dr. Keller explains how a child responds emotionally and physically to their environment and most importantly, to you. The 3 simple solutions support you and your child for a long and quiet sleep. Really who doesn’t want to wake up refreshed each day?

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I loved the clear, practical approach in this book. Aa a mom of twins plus one and a veteran teacher, I've seen the negative effects of a poor bedtime routine... on parents as well as children. By following the tos... from massage to temperature changes... parents can de-stress the evening. An important distinction is the difference between a schedule and a routine. I strongly recommend this book for parents, grandparents, and caregivers of children.

C.A.M. in USA

I really enjoyed this booklet! I actually sat down and read it in one afternoon. It is straight forward an straight to the point which is something I love! There are a lot of good tips in there as well as other references--things to do that makes complete sense that I never really thought about to do! I got my chart printed out and can't wait to see things changing in our house!!


This is a must-have for parents. Such a simple problem, not being able to get your child to bed, but one that I believe causes more angst to young parents than any other. This guide walks you through a real solution, one you can implement immediately and easily. You will be amazed the difference the techniques outlined in this book will make in your life. I wish I had one like it when my kids were little.

Margaret Ladd

I was blessed to receive this book as a gift! I just wanted to tell you that it was very good! I have a friend who is expecting a child next year and I will be giving this book as a gift to her!

Theresa H Teeter

It has some things I've never considered before, like temperature at bedtime. Great common sense ideas about bedtime!

Susan Pearl

This book is definitely a must read.


Great book to regain your sanity(much needed sleep). As a father of two, I feel these are techniques to help you bond and connect with your new family.


Picked up this book as gift for niece who is having a baby. Found it is useful for dealing with my own issues of getting to sleep. I need a hassle free bedtime myself. Recommend for anyone who has sleep issues especially for someone who has a child that fights going to sleep. Good Read

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